Frequently Asked Questions

Generally it takes from 4-8 weekdays once payment is received. It can occasionally come sooner or take longer. Read More

Our policies are very clear on the web site and we don’t make exceptions to them so please don’t ask. Read More

We ship only USPS. You will NEVER have to sign for a package from us. Yes we deliver to PO boxes. We do not generally provide tracking information for security reasons, however you can sign up for USPS ‘Informed Delivery” to track packages. Find out more at Note that it can take a day or two for packages to... Read More

For obvious reasons we do not accept returns. However, when you see the quality of the product you will not want to return it! If your package does not arrive within two weeks of payment, write to me and we will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to our... Read More

All orders are shipped from within the United States. We ship to Australia , New Zealand, US and all of Western Europe. Read More

Through various high tech security precautions, we have created a system where the risk to you is minimal. In our opinion, mail order is safer than buying from a dealer and driving home with the contraband in your car. Your package will look like an ordinary package so who’s to know what’s in it? Please see the security page for... Read More

We ship from several locations and if you order items from multiple shippers your order may arrive in a few different packages. If you have only received part of your order and 10 weekdays has passed, please let us know at that time. Read More

The price of bitcoin can change rapidly and we have no control over it. If you place an order and buy just enough bitcoin to cover it, but the price of bitcoin DROPS in the meantime, you may not have enough bitcoin to pay for your order. On the other hand the price can RISE leaving you with extra bitcoin... Read More

We try our best to get the widest range of products and strains available but we’re limited to what we come across on the market. We do not take product requests so please don’t overburden our already heavy daily email load with this kind of request. Thanks! Read More

No! We do not accept any other payment methods besides bitcoin. Please don’t write to us to ask! Read More

Sorry no. Just like pushing that elevator button repeatedly doesn’t work, except this time we actually have to take the time to look at your multiple emails which slows things down for everyone. When you submit a question please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for an answer (note we take Saturdays off). Very occasionally it can take... Read More

We get asked this one all the time. The answer is yes, we run an honest and legitimate business and have been shipping this wonderful medicine for over three years now. You can see our first site from September 2013 here at this internet archive. Our goal is to provide our customers with great products and great customer service so... Read More